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Stanley TP0300301 Hydraulic Trash Pump




The Stanley TP0300301 Trash Pump is the lightest, most efficient way to move large volumes of liquid with concentrations of solids up to 25% by volume. No priming necessary, just drop it into the material and it’s ready for work. The urethane bowl is virtually indestructible tough, lightweight, abrasion resistant, resilient and impervious to petrochemical solvents. The TP03 can pump almost anything without damaging the bowl. The TP03’s efficient design places the urethane impeller above material flow, reducing blockage, jamming and overall pump water while keeping liquids moving fast enough to pump high volumes of solids at a much higher head than non-submersible pumps. The new TP03 design includes an easy to use carrying handle that attaches to the eyelet on the top plate. The handle can be removed by unlocking the quick link connector. In addition the new Stanley yellow color improves visibility in the murkiest of liquids. The TP03 can run dry without damaging motor or impeller, reducing the possibility of downtime. It handles solids up to 3 inches at very high volumes to quickly and efficiently empty sumps,, vaults, septic systems, trenches, etc.

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